10 Ways to Enjoy Life with PTSD

If you live with the debilitating effects of PTSD, it would be hard to imagine dealing with it in a positive way.
Your entire world, both external and internal feels shattered and overwhelming. Just know you are not alone. The feelings of not being able to cope, being broken and lost are experiences that are quite common among those that suffer from PTSD. PTSD tricks your brain to bring forward those emotion and thoughts from trauma you have suffered. Remember, it is not who you are, it’s just something you have to deal with. But are there ways to enjoy life with PTSD? Below are 10 ways to enjoy life with PTSD.

Setting realistic, small goals.
Where in your life are you at this time? Where would you like to be tomorrow? What small things can you do right now to get yourself there?

Crack disheartening problems and big tasks into small manageable pieces.
Dealing with smaller pieces at a time can help those feelings of life being overwhelming.

Social support.
We all need human connections in order to heal. Start small and reach out to a family member or friend and share what your triggers are so they can help support you when you go through flash backs and traumatic memories.

Put together communication and problem solving skills. 
PTSD is known to disrupt the ability to communicate and problem solve. You can rebuild these skills to improve relationships and accomplish small goals by using self help books and/or talking to a therapist.

Exercise daily. 
You don’t need to vigorously work out, just get moving every day. Just simply activity daily in ten to twenty minute intervals can increase your wellbeing and reduce stress.

Techniques to relax and practicing stress reduction can decrease triggers and help deal with PTSD flashbacks and traumatic memories. 
Involve yourself in activities that are relaxing. Breathing deeply and slowly for a few minutes can relax tense muscles in your body. Yoga can play an important part for mind and body. Visualize tranquility and peace.

Look for comforting people, places and situations. 
Avoid the effects of PTSD by seeking out a person or place that feels safe and make a connection.

Reintroduce joy and passion by including ways to play and be creative. 
PTSD and trauma can steal someone’s desire and ability to enjoy life. Feeling joy and happiness are crucial to your wellbeing and happiness. Figure out the small things that make you smile and bring laughter to your heart on a regular basis. This make take some time, but you will find yourself smiling and laughing.

Bring to light new inner strengths. 
Living with PTSD is a positive journey of rediscovery and healing. You have to once again find the good in life and in yourself.

Make meaning to your life after trauma by deliberately looking forward. 
Record your thoughts, write in a journal or keep a scrapbook, whatever you choose to record images, inspirational quotes and thoughts that are meaningful in your life. This now brings you full circle to the first positive way to deal with PTSD. Set small goals that are meaningful and personal to positively deal with the effects of PTSD.

There is no timestamp on trauma. There isn’t a formula that you can insert yourself into to get from horror to healed. Be patient. Take up space. Let your journey be the balm.

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