Life can be quite stressful as we all know, whether it’s issues in relationships, work or children. If you haven’t been successful with medications for anxiety, that’s what could have brought you here; a safer, more effective alternative such as CBD. Due to its ability to treat various conditions such as pain, depression, anxiety and skin issues, CBD has been getting a lot of press lately. Many wonder how effective it really is and does CBD make you feel relaxed? Studies have shown that yes, its reputation as a relaxant is true and without feelings of sedation. Actually, CBD is used to treat sleep problems, anxiety and stress and can take effect within minutes giving you relief when needed the most.

“CBD is used to treat sleep problems, anxiety and stress and can take effect within minutes giving you relief when needed the most.”

CBD’s Influence on Anxiety
Many times, those prescribed medication for promoting relaxation seems to fall short. If you are still struggling with chronic stress or anxiety, a CBD product may just be what you’ve been looking for. Even with the CBD studies and research thus far, the question, does CBD really work is still being asked.

Does CBD Make You Relaxed?
Yes, by regenerating damaged neurons in the brain caused by an overload of stress. CBD oil may provide instant relief naturally, easing anxiety in just minutes. If you are already using anti-anxiety medication, using CBD in conjunction can even be more effective. It is always best to consult your health care provider when adding anything to you prescribed medications.

Managing Anxiety with CBD Oil
Currently, there is accumulating evidence that explains how CBD works to provide relaxation and to decrease stress, by targeting over sixty-five areas of the body. Studies have shown that CBD stimulates neurotransmitter systems resulting in effectively fighting against anxiety.

Relaxation and CBD
Unfortunately, to date there is no regulation for CBD in the treatment for anxiety. The dosage seems to vary within each individual. It is recommended to start with a low dose and slowly increase it over a few days until you find that sweet spot that’s right for you.

CBD’s popularity is also due to the convincing evidence shown by studies and research that it is really effective for treating inflammation, anxiety, stress, skin issues and pain. Currently under way there are many trials with human participation focused on its effectiveness, who it can help and how it works. Right now we know that CBD is effectively used to treat the following:

  • PTSD
  • Panic disorder
  • Social anxiety
  • General anxiety
  • OCD

Final Thoughts
There is no doubt that more long term studies are needed for CBD’s role in treating anxiety disorders to clearly assess the benefits and risks. However, for those that can’t seem to find relief with other more conventional methods to treat anxiety, CBD could be a great alternative. So, now you know the answer to, does CBD make you feel relaxed and feel more confident to give it a try. You will discover over time that CBD will help to lessen feelings of stress and anxiety allowing you to be more focused on what’s important in your life.

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